High-Speed Internet Access For Remote Irish Communities

We are in the information age controlled by an on-demand knowledge culture. Ireland is among one of the most connected countries on the planet and the Net has become so central to our lives that lots of people can not do their job or stay in touch without it.


In other words, today’s world


Rural Wifi Broadband

Broadband is the name given to a high-speed Internet link that offers large transmission capacity. It is a fast link, generally “always-on” and efficient in sending data at a much faster pace than a basic dialup modem link. Broadband won’t tie up your phone line but rather allows you to use the


Here’s How To Plan A Spa-Themed Hen Party

Ireland has become a popular wellness destination, as people from all over the globe are visiting the country for a well-deserved spa break amidst the calming green countryside. Indeed, nothing can be more relaxing or indulgent than having a massage or a facial at an awesome spa, which is why


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Tips For Choosing Beautiful Online Wedding Invitations To Suit Your Big Day

It’s safe to say that the wedding invitation is your guests’ first glimpse of your big day. These create a  feeling of excitement within them. These are just some of the reasons why you might want your wedding invitations to make a great first impression. For you to achieve this, you should choose


6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring Design…

Now that he finally got on his knees, let’s get down to business. Shopping for the jewellery you guys will be wearing on your special day is a representation of a sealed deal, well, you may prefer to call it ”The Wedding Ring


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The older I get, the faster I am

My title gives it away, but I PR’d in my race today! It was the first 10k I’ve run, so it’s an automatic PR, BUT I am confident that it’s the fastest 10k I’ve run ever and my fastest race pace.

So, here’s the run-down!

Like I mentioned before, this race took place 10 minutes from my house, at a location where I’ve run hundreds of miles the past several years. It’s where I ran my first full mile.

I woke up at 6am and my sister was going to arrive at my house at 6:40am. Since I sometimes get up at 5:30am to run, a 6am wake-up wasn’t hard at all. I got dressed, ate my oatmeal and banana and drank my coffee. Did some business (ha!) and was mostly ready when my sister showed. We gathered our stuff and headed out.

The race site said you needed your ID to pick your bib up and when we parked we realized my sister had forgotten hers at my house. We weren’t sure if she’d be able to pick her bib up and since it was a bit of a walk to the start, we decided to race back to get the ID in

Tips for the Best Drone Wedding Photography

Since 2015, the number of registered drones in Ireland has doubled from 5,000 to 12,500, according to the Breaking News. The popularity of drones has increased over the years due to the unique features that allow them to take action shots while maintaining a unique and fascinating perspective of


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